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How Does Covid-19 Affect In-Store Sampling

by Master Fool

On my previous posts, I’ve mentioned before about running sampling. However, with the recent pandemic that hit the whole world, how has Covid-19 affect consumers and us marketeers in running in-store sampling? Personally I still feel that in-store sampling is one of the most effective ways to prove and share with consumers of a product quality and confidence. But with the Covid-19, are consumers still open to product tasting? Or are they more aware of the possible contamination? How do we move from here?

Fret not, there are still many various options and methods of getting consumers to try or sample your product. We just need to adapt accordingly to the budget that you have allocated. Here are some of the ideas you can consider apart from promoter sampling

Changing the method

Instead of getting the consumer to try on the spot, produce sample packs for consumer to try them at home instead. No sample packs? Change your promoter to do hard selling instead. However beware hard selling usually works when people have confidence of your brand. If your brand is really new in the market, there maybe reluctance to purchase because of the low confidence

Free Gift with Purchase

You can also try to give it away as a free gift with every purchase of your product or a product that you would like to work with. Example if you are selling RTE sauces, you can consider working with rice or noodle brands and giving it as a free gift whenever the consumer purchases that rice or noodle brand.  You can also work to get promoter to give it away as a free gift in-store

Discount Voucher with Purchase

Product sample cost too much? You can also offer discount vouchers with purchase instead. Example, instead of giving the whole product free, sell it at an attractive price instead. However, the discount would need to be really attractive to encourage the purchase. It has to be “a once in a lifetime” deal

Sponsorship as Consumer Trials

Look for events that you would like to sponsor as products. Especially food fairs and events that you believe that is where your target markets are, sponsor them your product as the goodies bag so they can try them at home anytime

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