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Case Study : Boost Juice

by Master Fool

I’ve previously covered about one of the elements of digital media in FMCG and would like to share and talk about a great example of email marketing used by a company called Boost Juice. A little bit of background about the company in case you are not familiar with, Boost Juice is an Australian retail outlet that specializes in selling fruit juice and smoothies.  I myself is a fan of fruit juices and smoothies therefore naturally i signed up as one of its club members. As a member, you are entitled to free drinks upon collecting 10 stamps but we would cover the details of having a membership club in later topics. Here we focus on why I think Boost Juice is a good example of using email marketing as one of its marketing campaigns.

Email marketing as mentioned before needs to be carefully used and tactically as too often it can be seen as a nuisance especially if the content is non relatable to the receiver. However, Boost Juice tactically uses email marketing to only communicate on their promotional drinks and most importantly its not often although new drinks are introduced every season. Here in Malaysia, new drinks are usually introduced during festive seasons. Sometimes, emails would be sent just to remind you of the drinks that they are offering. Bearing in mind, I don’t receive their emails every month or every alternate months hence I don’t feel annoyed as compared to receiving other emails from other companies promotional email which I’ve signed on to.

Of course, another important element in email marketing is to keep your content interesting, straight forward and relatable to the receiver which in my opinion Boost Juice did quite well with visuals and vibrant colours. Here’s an example of the latest content I’ve received from Boost Juice.

Let me know what you think from the comments below!

Disclaimer : The logo was taken from Boost Juice Facebook Malaysia and the email marketing visual above was taken from the email received.

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