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Elements of Digital Marketing in FMCG

by Master Fool

Before we start planning a digital campaign for your brand, you need to understand the elements of digital marketing in FMCG so that you are well aware of the options that you can partake. Understanding the elements of digital marketing  in FMCG would help also to gain a little more insight to the complicated and fast moving world of digital.

Here I will list some of the options of digital marketing elements in FMCG that you can adopt and its suitability to your brand. As most companies do not have the resources to hire a digital campaign manager, usually they would resolve to a 3rd party service provider. We call them the digital marketing agencies. We will cover more on what are the job scopes of a digital marketing agency but for now let’s go into what are the different elements of digital marketing

Web Page

Most common form of digital marketing and something you are pretty familiar with even when you are reading this page. A webpage or website allows your consumer to read more about your brand especially if your brand is selling something with more technical knowledge. It can range from electrical goods to even cooking sauces. Most FMCG brands do not have a website as its pretty hard to maintain one as there needs to be constant update and relevant information else it would be outdated and does not serve its purpose

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are going into digital marrketing, you would often hear this term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What does Search Engine Optimization really means? It usually works with the web page that you have. Search Engine Optimization simply means to maximize your website to the search engine so that when people were to search words that are related to your website contents your website would appear in the front page.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing simply means creating contents that leads to your brand or consumers learning more about your brand.

Pay-per-click Advetising (PPC)

Also another common term, pay-per-click advertising simply means engaging with paying your advertising only when someone clicks on your link or your advertisement.

Social Media Marketing

I would say this is the most often element in digital marketing currently used by FMCG brands. Different social media platforms are used to promote their brand mainly because most of the targeted consumers are found in the social media network scene.

Email marketing

Not so popular within the FMCG industry due to probably the lack of resources or expertise. Brands actually can always adopt this method to blast out new promotions or new products to existing consumers. However, you need to use this sparingly as it could be deemed irritating and nuisance thus creating a negative impression on your consumers

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