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Tips on Choosing a Digital Agency

by Master Fool

There is no perfect formula in choose the right digital agency for your brand. However, I will be sharing some tips on choosing a digital agency and some of things that you may want to note when you meet up with your potential business partner. While some may think that they are merely just suppliers to what you need but I would like to think of them more as a business partner as both parties need to communicate closely to achieve your goals and objectives.

While there are many digital agencies for you to choose from, from the big MNC ones to the smaller work from home kind, it really depends what level of services do you expect from the agency. So here are some tips on choosing a digital agency that you should know of

The one pitching won’t be the one managing your account

Most of the time, the people that you see are “sales” and don’t assume that they will be the ones handling your account. This often happens in bigger setup companies where they separate account management, content creators and other roles pretty specifically.

Know their portfolio well

Get to know their organisation structure and the number of clients they have on hand. You will then be able to gauge how much attention you are getting as often content creators do not only handle one account but multiple

Same industry experience

It also helps if they have clients in the same industry as they may know the advertising costs of some of the keywords

Comparison quotes

You may find some charge really less and some charge more, check and understand why the variance gap is large. I find most of the time the cost is on the posts creatives. The cheaper ones may just grab photos and upload them where as the expensive ones edits them. I may be wrong here and its just part of my experience so go research and find out more!

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