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Case Study : Contest Message On Packaging

by Master Fool

Look at the photo above. Can you spot what is missing? While being able to place contest message and information on your packaging may seem like a great idea, it is important that you not only get all the information correct but also to get the important ones across. Let’s face it, most consumers are pretty much lazy and prefer the most easiest and effortless ways to enter a contest. Enticing consumers with the prizes shout out may be one of the most attractive ways to get them to enter the contest but let’s not forget that the ways to join the contest is also important.

I’m sure that this contest message would like the consumer to go to the website get the more information and details but most consumers when they reach home would have already forgotten about it. Perhaps to make it more attractive a QR code to access the website along with simple instructions on how to join the contest. What do you think? Is there still room for improvement here? Or there just isn’t any space on the packaging to place all the details and these information are just enough? Let me know your thoughts!

Note : For those that couldn’t read, the packaging shows the contest prizes, contest period, hotline number, website and facebook details


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