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Common Misunderstandings of Having a Website

by Master Fool

There are a few or some businesses these days that are reluctant or yet to create their own website or webpage online. While reasons may vary but there are some common misunderstandings as to the reason of not doing so. Hence, I would like to highlight and clear some of the common misunderstandings of having a website and with that, even you can have your own personal website

Its expensive to build a website

Not exactly. While costs can vary depending to the complexity of your requirement, a simple 3 – 5 page website costs only RM3,000 – RM5,000. There are some web programmers that charge even below RM3,000 but beware as sometimes cheap comes with other price tags eg lesser bandwidth or sharing same server with many other websites which they will not reveal to you even if you ask

Its complicated to maintain the website

Definitely not true. These days there are very easy open source CMS (Content Management Systems) that are easily installed and use even for those not IT savvy people. You can easily update the information and change them as and whenever you want

My business depends much on B2B and relationships

All the more to have a website because we all know finding out more information is an equivalent to taking out your handphone and pressing on that Chrome or Safari depending on what phone you are carrying. Getting your business with a website will help people to find you and understand your business services better

My website is searchable once its up and live

Not true, as there are many competition out there. While the Google crawlers will crawl to your website soon enough but hoping that your website is searchable maybe a very slim luck unless your website has all the keywords that people use to search. A simple example if you are selling eggs, your website would probably not appear if someone types coffee unless they are specifically looking for your brand X.

Its very costly to do advertising for my website

Also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it can be relatively cheap compared to spending on billboards or TVC. However, getting the right keywords is the crucial part of getting the right leads to your website. You need to sit down and think what are the words commonly used. Some keywords may cost more if there are more competition in the market whereas some keywords with lesser competition are likely cheaper. Getting the right keywords are important as back to the example of X Coffee, buying the word instant coffee vs coffee

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