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How to Identify your Product Unique Selling Point

by Master Fool

If you are importing a product to sell here, its easy and obvious to identify the products unique selling point as the packaging is usually already done up by the brand owner. What happens if  that’s not the case? How can you identify your product’s selling point? Usually it would be easily done through asking the manufacturer or if you are the product creator you have it at your fingertips.

However, there are still some steps and check that needs to be in place in order to ensure that you are at least getting the right message across and here are some of the tips

Check out your competition

Its important to know who’s selling what and if your product has the similar unique selling point as the ones in the competition. This would enable you to identify your product’s positioning in the market and you would get a better picture of how to propose your product to the market.

Check the regulations

If you designing your product packaging, always check the regulations to ensure that you have the right to declare the claims. Most often, there are sets of regulation in place say if you would like to shout  that you are 100% natural

Ask around

Ask random people if your product unique selling point is important to them. If its not important then what’s the point of emphasizing it since it would not help to sell your product? The fastest way to do so is by engaging in market research companies where they will assist is selecting random people and proposing sets of questions for them to answer. No budget? Then you may probably want to ask around the people beside you

Be True

Don’t claim when its not true. I’ve seen products claiming to be what they are when they are not. Although this is happening more often than we would like as consumers, but I don’t think starting your brand with misguided claims would be a great way to start a relationship with your customers. It would be a tragedy if someone spots the lie and exposes it.

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