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Case Study : Plant Based Meat

by Master Fool

I thought that this would be an interesting topic to study. The term plant based meat has in the past couple of months become something of a hype. If you look closer into the meaning, its actually something that most of us (especially if you are practicing going vegetarian) are familiar with. Plant based meat literally means vegetable or anything not animal meat. However, instead of using the old terms like veggie, meatless, vegan, dairy free etc etc, the marketing team came up with a more interesting concept and term called plant based meat. Now this, has gained the attention of public and became the talk of the town both within the vegetarian and non-vegetarian community

This is what I would call a great example of how one can come up with effective and attention grabbing term to replace the normal and used-to-it-common term that everyone is using. This would in effect bring out your brand and product to be special and outstanding. Deep dive into this, I’m not sure who came up with this term effectively in the first place and a quick google shows the brand Beyond Meat.┬áHere in Malaysia, Beyond Meat has just been recently available and it has already been shared upon the community of its availability in the urban targeted retail outlets such as Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer.

So the reason why I’m sharing about this plant based meat topic is because I would like to share a great example of how a brand can use (or maybe come up with a term) and also a brand that can differentiate itself from the rest of the competition. Beyond Meat is an example that its brand itself creates a curiosity for people and same time expresses that the product they are selling is more than what a consumer is expecting. Whether the product delivers the expectation, its pretty much subjected to individuals and their target market.

In conclusion a great and creative brand would :-

  • create its own talk-about without much advertising because it creates curiosity among the community
  • differentiate itself automatically from its existing competitors

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