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Types of POSM You Should Know

by Master Fool

So far we all know there are different ways to communicate your promotion to the intended target markets. But do you know what are the different types of POSMs (Point of Sale Materials) that you can consider? Perhaps you are more familiar if its shown to you but you are not aware of their terms? I’m sure this is the case as most retail outlets have plenty of POSMs in their stores and you are surely exposed at least one or more of these different types of POSMs.

So here you will learn some of the list of POSMs that you should know about and your options of communication


A pretty common type of in-store POSM. You can find this anywhere from retail outlets to cinemas and restaurants. Available in any size that you like. However, you need to know what are the best poster sizes for different premises. For grocery retail outlets, you can consider A3 size to A2 or A1.


Usually used to communicate on products or services that needed more visual explanation. If your product or service has more information to provide to customers then you can opt for leaflets as a form of communication.

Leaflets Dispenser

Don’t miss out the dispenser as another form of communication as well as it is equally important to gesture to a potential consumer to grab a leaflet


Usually placed on the product shelfs to grab attention of the customer. Wobblers are commonly used to highlight a special price or new product or new feature or simply something you would like the consumer to pay attention to. Wobblers have limited communication space hence you need to be clear on what you would like to communicate for a maximum impact

Shelf Talker

Also usually placed on the product shelf, a shelf talker differentiates from wobbler in the sense the shelf talker is usually placed on the shelf price tag whereas the wobbler has a plastic strip that allows the card to “wobble” out from the shelf. With similar functions, a shelf talker can vary in a bigger size than a wobbler. If you have more information to communicate, it would make sense to have a shelf talker instead of a wobbler

Shelf Strip

A shelf strip is a strip of POSM card that is placed as a background along with the price tag strip. Used objectively more for branding purposes than for product communication


Those little pop up corrugated boxboard you find all over the grocery stores or pharmacies to display products. Great way to feature your product or brand and if the normal shelf has insufficient space, you can use these as additional displays

Shelf Stopper

These shelf stoppers are also displayed on the product shelf. However, they protrude out of the shelf like a traffic light so that it immediately grabs the attention of a passerby. Hard to miss the shelf stopper but its expensive to display as retailers charge by the number of stoppers installed on shelf, by outlet and by month. This cost does not include the cost of producing and installation yet.


No. of shelf stopper x No. of outlets x No. of display month  = Cost of shelf stopper

Dump bins

As with its name, they are bins that you can display your products in. Does not need much organizing with the product display unlike the standee which needs the product to be displayed in an orderly fashion

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