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Case Study : How System Automation Help a Startup with Limited Staff

by Master Fool


The company was a new startup managed by a few young entrepreneurs that were struggling to make ends meet. They finally found a solution to getting more business by promoting their photography business through a coupon group buy website at that time known as Groupon. The response was so good and overwhelming that they immediately faced new challenges. As it was a startup, the company only had 4 people working and with the new business prospects coming in, they had new issues to deal with. How to handle the in-coming flow of customers?


Customers that purchased the coupons could immediately book a time slot for them to take personal or group portraits at a discounted price. The common issues that the startup was facing was

  • Endless flow of in-coming calls from customers to book a time slow, queries, change of booking time, complaints, etc
  • Management of the appointment timing to ensure no double booking being made or changes on the appointment schedules
  • The selection of photographs after the photo session where customers could select the photos of their choice to print


The startup managed to subscribe a booking system to manage phone calls, appointments and photo selections. The booking system was able to minimize the contact point and resources needed to manage the consumers. The booking system was

  • able to answer customers queries through a preselected FAQ
  • consumers were able to change the appointment as they please by logging on to the system+
  • prompt customers at least 2-3 times (depending on the startup preference) on the reminder of their appointment dates
  • Once the photos were ready for selection, the system prompts the customer to log in and select the final photos for printing
  • System is able to feedback to the users the customer selections and the user just needs to click print on the photo before sending out the photos to the customer

Complaints were also reduced as a result of subscribing from the booking system. Most importantly. the booking system automatically serves as an extra company personnel handling more customers than an average human can and efficiently,

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