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Brand Colours – Are They Important?

by Master Fool

Some of us may wonder are colours really an important representative for a brand? The thing is, we humans recognize things based on shapes and colours hence colours is important in representation of a brand. We humans tend to associate the colours with the brand whether we like it or not. Therefore, it is important when you are establishing your brand that you establish the right colours as well.

if you are a me-too product, it would benefit if you share the colours that are almost similar to the market leader. That is why some of the house brands of retailers are designed to be somewhat similar to the big brands. However, as time grows, a lot of retailers also know the importance in establishing their own brand identity and has then moved away from designing a me-too design to a own identity design

So here are a few tips to consider on colours when you are thinking about your brand design

What are the colours currently used in the industry

Do a quick market research and find out who are your direct and indirect competitors. Compile their brand designs and logos to ensure that you do not infringe any copyright issues as some brands do copyright their logo, colours and even fonts.

Know colours representation

You need to apply the right colours for the right mood as well. There were studies shown that colours can affect people’s mood and feelings hence you would want to use the right colour representation as well.  Example if you would like to invoke a feeling of energy or excitement, you should be looking at red.

Colours and its harmony

Make sure that your colours don’t clash with each other and harmonizes with each other. To do so you can easily get more colour harmony charts through quick google search

Stick it through

Once you have decided on your brand colours, stick through it. Do not deviate from these colours and consistently use it throughout your brand development so that this would be a constant reminder to your consumers of your brand. Once it is well used, the brand recall would be easier for your consumers

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