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Benefits of Website and Small Business in FMCG Retail

by Master Fool

Whenever we think about a website, we always relate it to a business site like for companies or corporate that needs to inform their business partners about their operations and such. Rarely, we see a good FMCG product with websites. If you do, they are most likely maintained and created by MNCs that you probably think have too much budget on hand. The truth is that most small business owners neglect the fact we all now find and search things online. You know but you don’t connect the dots because you don’t think anyone would search your brand as they probably are not aware of your brand in the first place unlike MNC big brands like Coca-Cola or Milo.

For small brands that people are not likely to remember or search, maintaining a website provides an even greater benefit as it serves as a source of information and cheap brand exposure. The likelihood of someone searching for your product might be slim but the presence of having the website would bring in potential consumers once traffic starts coming in

Other benefits of having a website for a small business in FMCG retail are as follows

Source of information for consumers

Consumers can find information about your product through the website, educate them more about your product and what makes it unique

Collect more data on your consumers

If ever a consumer searches through the search engine of your product, consumer will mostly click on you rather than saw websites such as Lazada or Shoppee. With this you can collect your consumer cookies and follow them and understand more in depth of where they come from and what interests them

Follow through consumer decision making journey

With your own website, you can also find out what is the consumer decision making journey on what they put into the cart, what makes them drop off the cart etc

Follow up and build customer loyalty

You can also collect emails and keep them informed on your latest products or promotion

Builds your brand image

Apart from that, it also helps to build your brand image through all the efforts above

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