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Marketing Jargons You Need to Know

by Master Fool

Ah, so when it comes to jargon, each industry have their own terms and definitions. Marketing jargon are not exceptional and one can sometimes literally guess what it means but sometimes it can leave you dumbfounded. You either pretend to continue nodding and acting like you are following the conversation so far, or you can try reading this list of marketing jargons first

Below are some of the marketing jargon that I’ve come across that people sometimes ask me what theymean so I hope this helps you too in trying to keep up with a marketer’s conversation

Above The Line (ATL)

What line you say? It actually doesn’t refer to any line in specific. In fact its refering to advertising to masses instead. Advertising above the line means advertising forms to masses which includes TVC, Radio, Outdoor billboard advertising, newspaper, magazines, digital and social media

Below The Line (BTL)

Below The Line refers to advertising forms to a more specific or local business. The form of below the line are such as premium giveaways, contests, any formats of advertising in-stores, sampling, promoters are some of the example of BTL marketing

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing term came in when digital marketing started to gain more attention. Mostly marketeers refer traditional marketing as ATL marketing forms with the exception of digital marketing

Best Practice

It literally means what is the best example and procedure currently being used in the market

Brand Identity

Brand is a representation of a company and the identity is accumulation of factors that people are able to identify and relate the brand to. Some of these factors include color, logo, quality, price, practice etc

Brand Storytelling

Storytelling is usually done through the education of images or sharing of words to inform customers about a brand. This would usually get customers to relate to your brand through similar experiences or values

B2B and B2C

B2B refers to Business to Business marketing whereas B2C refers to Business to Consumer marketing

Product Life cycle

Product life cycle refers to the life span of a product from the time the product is introduced into the market until its decline

Share of Space

Share of spaces means how much space is taken or given to your product on shelf versus the whole category space

Share of Voice

Share of voice means how “loud” is your campaign advertising in versus your competitor in the category

Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point also know as USP literally means your product’s unique selling proposition which sets it apart from competitors

There are still many more marketing jargons which I did not cover but these are some basic ones that are usually used

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