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Types of Above The Line Campaigns

by Master Fool

When we thinking about running a marketing campaign, we are spoil with many choices from Above The Line (ATL) to Below The Line (BTL) campaigns. I’ve previously covered the topic on choosing between ATL and BTL campaigns if you have limited funds so here I’m going to cover what are the types of Above The Line campaigns available for you to choose from and believe me, we are spoil with choices. The bad news, however, I believe in reality is most of us do not have the luxury to cover all types of Above The Line media campaigns but nevertheless, you should know what are the options available for you even if you don’t have a huge budget to play around with

So below are some of the most common forms of ATL media for your consideration

TVC – Television Commercial

Hardly rocket science and something that everyone I’m sure is familiar with growing up. Its a pretty effective medium which has a large mass coverage hence it doesn’t come cheap. If you are buying slots on prime time and higly rated programs, it can cost even more

Radio Advertising

We hear them all the time when listening to the radio station. Also has a very large mass coverage but not all products are suitable for radio advertising. Reason being some products need the visual representation to get the message across for the maximum impact. Apart from that, some products also are impulse items hence radio advertising would not be a suitable medium of advertising. Example of products that are not suitable for radio advertising are such as chocolates, sweets, smart phones and beauty care products

Newspaper Advertising

Also another form of mass advertising. However, over the past recent years, newspaper advertising has started to decline slowly. This is because of the emergence of social media and internet which gives mass an easier and faster source of news. It is still a good form of medium of advertising if you would like to reach out for mass market but do not have a big budget for radio or TV advertising

Magazine Advertising

Magazine advertising is mass but specific targeted as magazines targets readers of a specific segment. Similarly with newspaper advertising, magazines worldwide have been struggling and even more so the past couple of years as more and more people turn digital to get their source of information. There are still some industries that are still advertising in magazines probably to maintain a certain specific premium and classy image as magazine advertising gives people an impression of class due to the glossy paper finishing that magazines use

Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising is also another form of mass advertising. It relatively cheaper compared to TV or Radio advertising but not many companies engage with cinema advertising most likely because most movie goers knowing the first 5 minutes are adverts so they tend to enter in slightly later. However, there are some industries that still do a lot of cinema advertising and they are such as those in the education or cellular services industry

With all the various options below, you need to know who are your target market segments and if your product is suitable for that medium as we would all like our money to work at its maximum

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