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Benefits of Hiring a Digital Agency

by Master Fool

Many of the small to medium sized companies do not find it in value to hire a digital agency to manage their digital campaigns. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to sell any digital agency services but rather share with you some rationale behind the benefits of hiring a digital agency. Most business owners I noticed that after the digital agency pitching, tells me that this is something they could do why waste a few thousand on an agency when they can do it themselves? Sure thing, why hire the admin clerk when there is no doubt you can easily accomplish those tasks yourself? The answer well, its because of time limitation! And well, we need to leave it to the experts. You could argue on hiring a permanent staff which i think its a great idea but make sure you have a full understanding of what you need from a permanent staff. Planning what you require from a permanent staff and employing an agency to work on an ad-hoc project, both has 2 sides of the coin.

So let me run through what are the benefits of hiring a digital agency and what digital agencies fail to pitch you on the things they do. But then again, do not assume and make sure to ask clearly if what I mentioned below are included in the package they charge you for as different prices of course includes different service levels

You hire a digital agency for the time

Seriously, do you think you or your current staff would have the time to spend on content creation? Its easy to post something and its easy to think of what to post say for a month, but I guarantee you that you will run out of ideas in a month’s time (that would be roughly about 12 posting time say assuming you post 3 posts a week)

You hire a digital agency for their creativity

Sure you can think of the topics of the posts. But don’t forget you are also paying for the creativity of the posts. To come out with posts for example related to recipes but with the limitation of using your product, it has to be healthy, something that reminds you of your childhood, something easy to make, how many recipes have you narrowed it down to? Don’t forget the post copies as well. You can’t keep repeating them over and over again right? Or you need to have the same tonality as well though, your followers will be confused if one posts using local slang, another posts you sounds pretty formal and articulate.

You hire a digital agency for them to give you the best rates

If you have ever tried trying to tweak key words and get the best click rates, its time consuming. An experienced digital agency would be able to quickly help you get the best clicks for the cheapest rates

You hire a digital agency for their customer service filters

Give them a set of answers to some FAQs then boom! they automatically help you to answer queries posted online by your consumers and help you filter to answer questions that you need to attend to personally

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