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How To Be a Good Key Account Manager

by Master Fool

┬áThere are some that may not know what it takes to be a good key account manager in the FMCG retail environment. While a good key account manager’s definition may be different depending on which perspective that you are looking at. We cover some of the essential qualities of what it takes to be a good key account manager from both sides of the coin. Why? Because after all, a good key account manager both excels in customer relationship and office management

A good key account management relies on these few characteristics or behaviors

Excellent in building relationships with retail buyers

If your office has a high turnover of key account managers, most likely your company will not be able to build a good rapport with the retail buyers. While you can hire a key account manager who already has good existing relationship with the retail buyers, do not forget that he/she carries this rapport with him/her. Not your company.

Able to balance and negotiate for good deals

Retail buyers often ask more than giving out hence the key account manager should be need to be able to balance out when to say no and when to say yes to both management and retail buyers

No one wants a highly paid messenger

While its likely true that the key account manager often conveys back information to the company and vice versa, both parties do not like a messenger. This means empowering your key account manager tools necessary for them to make on-the-spot quick decisions and having the authority to negotiate good deals when it comes along

Play both roles as a planner and executor

A good key account manager should be able to be an activity based planner for each of his/her account and then executing it accordingly

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