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Role of a Digital Marketing Agency

by Master Fool

How can a digital marketing agency help in building your business? What is the role of a digital marketing agency? How can you maximise and get them to work for your brand in the digital sphere? Firstly, you need to understand what is the role of a digital agency and their responsibilities. With this equipped, you would be able to get the most out of the dollar money that you are paying.

Someone asked me before why some agencies charges a cost of RM1500 per month and some cost about RM3000 – RM5000 per month for just creating posts on social media. What does these differences make? Just put yourself in the shoes of paying a salary for a clerk and a manager. Are the responsibilities and expectations that you have from a clerk and a manager vastly different? Its the similar function of a digital agency. Of course, it doesn’t harm to get a few quotations for comparison but understanding the different charges would give a better perspective of the services that they include in the price that you are hiring them for.

Apart from that, a clear understanding of the roles that they are supposed to play as a digital agency is also important so that you know what to expect

Creative Thinking

Not limited to only to creative posts and contents but also creative strategies on the digital platform in line with your brand strategies

Your Digital Eyes

They help to monitor your competitors and what are the latest trends that are happening and if you should jump into the wagon. A classic example is the rising Tik Tok platform. Your digital agency should be able to advise if you should also participate in this wave or what is your next digital step

Monitor and maximise ad spend

Digital agencies also help you to maximise your ad spends and advise on the budgets if they are working for or against you. You should be able to question if those keywords are worth bidding or if the ads helping to gain brand awareness or pull in customers and convert them to sales

Communicate with your consumers

Digital agencies are also your brand’s digital voice. They can help you answer some basic FAQ and customer service replies and respond to the questions timely and react to negative comments accordingly. Depending on your brand’s strategy, the tone of reply should be set and agreed with the agency. A classic example is GSC defining the norms of being polite and using sarcasm in their replies. However, it doesn’t work for every brand and it could backfire and create negativity to your brand. You can read more about GSC and sarcasm by clicking here.

Support role for your BTL campaigns

Digital agencies also should be included into your BTL campaigns. Your agency should be able to know what are your BTL campaigns and be able to suggest what the digital side can support to boost your campaign further

Evaluation and Analysis

Lastly, digital agencies also should be going through evaluation and analysis on a monthly basis with you to determine if the objectives set are in line and if it needs further improvement or changes or it should be continued

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