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Guidelines to Designing a POP Card (DIY Style)

by Master Fool

I was recently asked by a few people how to design a discount POP card for their brand. The situation was that they were having difficulties trying to agree with their respective colleagues on what to put and what not to put into the limited space and colour.

My advise is to use your own trust designer to create a POP card for you as they have the experience and creativity that most of us non-creative people don’t. But what happens if its just a small project which just needs a simple communication tool?

So here are some guidelines to designing a POP Card DIY Style

Use the right tool

If you are familiar with using Adobe Photoshop, then please do so. For some of us that are more familiar with Microsoft Power Point, its also another tool that you can use to create a simple communication tool

Decide on the size of your POP card

The size of the POP card will be able to determine the information to be included inside and also the font sizes

Only important information

Since the objective is to communicate the price discount to consumer, remember to include information which is important only ie product description, normal/original price, discounted price now, promotion period (if any) and the percentage of discount (only if you think the discount cut is deep and interesting enough, normally above 30%)

Optional information

Only if you have space, you can consider putting in the product picture as well. Brand name logo is not necessary as the product description has already mentioned the brand name hence it would only be a repetitive information. Brand Name logo should only be included if there is sufficient space and it should be visible enough

Font Type and Sizes

You can put in any type of font type and sizes you like as long as its easily read. The promotion price should always be the largest and most visible as its afterall the price that you want to attract your consumers to purchase. However, try to standardize only to one font type or maximum 2 types as too many types of font will create mess

POP Card colours

For the background colour, you want a colour that grabs the attention of consumers hence commonly yellow or red is used as the background colour. If you are choosing a pastel colour as the background, try using a stronger colour for the fonts and vice versa if you are using red or yellow as the background colour, use a contract colour to the font.


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