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Covid-19 and Your Marketing Plan

by Master Fool

Its common that Covid-19 has changed all of our lives and how we work moving forward. Knowingly, it would also be changing your marketing plan as well. But how much changes should you be making and how to review to what extend should your marketing plan change? How would this impact your overall marketing plan and is the impact of Covid-19 a long term or short term change?

Perhaps you can try considering some of these elements to reconsider if there is a need for you to swing your marketing plan 360 degree or improvise from here onwards

Change in Consumer Behavior

Due to government regulation, most of us are refined to staying at home. With this, many industries that are affected such as travel and entertainment are practically halted. Industries that are indirectly reliant on these industries in turn are also affected. Such an example is the luggage bag factories because travelling is now almost non-existent. Is your product co-related to these highly impacted industries? If yes, its time to probably consider re-divesting your funds to a different product segment instead

Offline to Online

Another major change we’ve seen the past couple of months is the boom of online purchases and deliveries. If you have yet jumped onto the bandwagon of online store, hurry on! Although there maybe a spike in the online purchase these couple of months but the trend of online purchasing is definitely coming up with statistics showing that more and more people are opting to purchase online.

Going digital

Since we are all stuck indoors, the likelihood that anyone is going to stores to pick up anything is rushing back home since most are encouraged to stay at home. If you are spending on in-store advertising, perhaps its time to switch more funds to online store advertising and digital ads instead






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