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A Brand Recall Strategy – Owning a Festive

by Master Fool

There are plenty of brand recall strategies that you can adopt if you browse through the internet. However, have you considered owning a festive as a brand recall strategy? Owning a festive simply means that you have driven your consumers to purchase your product during a particular festive or celebration time. A simple example a “must do” action during a particular festive would be such as buying flowers during Valentine’s Day or eating turkey during Thanksgiving. How does these actions apply to the retail? During these seasons, chocolates and candy sales would probably soar higher than the rest of the month along with the sale of turkey during Thanksgiving and because of them, retail outlets would have specially huge displays with the said products to entice customers along the way to purchase

If your product isn’t festive driven, why not own or create one festive season for your product? A simple example of a successful owning a festive would be the creation of 11.11 or Black Friday. These are recently festivals that are created to increase store or online sales and if you ride on these festivals, it would benefit you as well.

So what happens if your product isn’t a festive driven product? How do you “create” your own festive? Here are some easy tips to figure out how to own or create a festive

Create the habit

So the snack that you are selling is not usually purchased during the festive. Who cares! Just keep promoting this during the festive and buy space to promote them. Come up with festive packs that consumers can fancy as gifting or for own consumption. Once its a an accepted norm to consume your snack during festive season, it would soon be a habitual thing.

Come up with a recipe of your own

Most celebrations have their “must eat” list of food. Try using the traditional recipe and converting them into a modern one with your product. Eventually, they will start to adopt your recipe with your product if its easily adaptable and taste great

Push your own theme

Larger corporations and companies can launch their own 11.11 or Black Friday. If you can’t scale down to something you can do like anniversary sale or hygiene month. Be creative and stick to it yearly. Eventually, people will remember your theme and relate to it

Be consistent

Most time, owning a festive doesn’t happen immediately. The results will only be shown in later years and its a long term project. Hence, you need to be consistent with owning a festive and it cannot be something that should be done one year and exit the following year only to follow back in the following following year. But once you’ve succeed, consumers will start to relate to your brand and the festive all the time

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