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Offline to Online Selling – Common Mistakes

by Master Fool

It is undeniable that the trend of consumers purchasing online is increasing and many businesses jump into the bandwagon fearing the loss of sales. Most just jump into it because they didn’t want to lose out to competition. But there also are many that are still holding back and accessing the situation before making any decisions. After all, you must do to succeed! Regardless, most business have some common mistakes and some had to go through the process of making mistakes and learning them in the process. Some mistakes may cost little but some mistakes may also cost a lot. So what are the common mistakes of offline to online selling that often businesses are making?

Here I cover some of the offline to online selling mistakes that most businesses run through and hopefully if you have yet jumped onto the bandwagon of online selling, this would help you in the near future

Cost of logistics

The struggle to calculate the shipping cost for consumers is real. You don’t want to overcharge them and yet you don’t want to incur losses as well. Minimize the error by testing if your products can all fit into a standard courier box that your courier service provider has. Better yet, invest in a carton box of your own. That way you can select to sell items that can fit into your carton box.

Own a shopping cart

Many people think that to start an online business you need to have your own website with your own shopping card. Why not join the e-commerce marketplace stores instead? These companies usually will spend a huge amount of money in promoting their services thus, saving you from advertising to the mass. Tagging along with these e-commerce malls would also mean tapping onto new markets

My product can sell on its own

You already have a steady stream of loyal consumers offline, so now that you are online, they will come to you as well. Reality is, nobody would know if you have an online store if you do not promote them

I need to be cheaper

Whilst it is true online consumers are bargain hunters, it doesn’t mean that you need to price your products lower than offline. There are many different methods to selling online and most often if you are tied with an e-commerce market place platform, they do suggest the types of promotions that your target market usually likes or the success rate of the previous promotion



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