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Importance of Your Product Unique Selling Point

by Master Fool

A product unique selling point literally refers to the difference between your product and products in the market. Unique Selling Point talks about what stands out in your product that gives a better advantage than the others in the market place. So what is so important of your product Unique Selling Point (USP) that needs your attention? That USP would be the one that gives your product the added advantage needed to stand out in the competition therefore understanding what is available and being offered in the market is often as important as identifying what the consumers want

How important is it to identify your product Unique Selling Point?

Helps to differentiate and Stand Out in the market place

Unless you are offering another me-too product in the market, USP helps you to differentiate your product from the rest of the competition and stand out in the market place. By shouting out your product USP, consumers can relate to your brand if they recall the USP. For example last time when we talk about growing up milk powder and mention DHA, Enfagrow would be the first brand that comes to mind of consumers

Help closes the gap of consumer needs in a market place

A product USP would also help to fulfill the market gap in the market place. A simple example is such as the fabric softener category is currently only focused on fragrance but after market research the company is able to identify a segment that also would like a softener for sensitive skin and you are able to do so, hence this product’s USP would be for sensitive skin

Helps create a focused marketing strategy

By identifying your product USP, you are able to use that to help create a marketing plan according to the product USP.  The marketing communication main message would be your product’s USP

Helps to create customer loyalty

Customers will be loyal to your brand if they find that your product USP fulfills their needs




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