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Case Study : CTA on Facebook Post

by Master Fool

Few days back I stumbled upon a post that was highlighting a new promotional method that they are doing and was trying to get some CTA on their facebook post.  This retailer is not known to be doing deliveries but due to the Covid-19 many businesses that have been pushed to think out of the box. As an interested consumer, I clicked on the post to check out if there were anything interest but I couldn’t really get much understanding and information hence I lost interest.

I’m not trying to condemn or criticize the post but rather would like to highlight some mistakes that may have been overlooked so if you are trying to come up with something similar, do note on these points on the post copy on the below pic


Too much information is given – Some information could be included into the post visuals instead eg free delivery and the availability of the free delivery.

Assuming everyone knows what is GoLog – For people that are familiar with GoLog its pretty clear cut but for those that are not familiar with this delivery service may find it confusing again as its an app but I need go to the store?

Call-To-Action (also known as CTA) is affected by the confusion

As for the post visual, check out the visual below, we can see some of the information are already stated in the post copy and emphasized here. Not a bother but the T&C are so small, is this something your readers or potential consumers should be aware of? Or would be better off not knowing? You need to consider that most of the time FaceBook posts are viewed from smartphones.


In conclusion, this post is a highlight of a new product and service available by this retailer. Its only available in Klang Valley at selected stores and you would need to go to the physical stores to place your orders and pay there to get the products delivered to your doorstep. You would need to snap the receipt along with your contact and address to the number given for the delivery to be arranged. Since I’m already at the store, why do I still need to wait for the delivery?

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