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Case Study : GSC cinema using sarcasm on Social Media

by Master Fool

Sometimes with a little bit of humour mixed with sarcasm can be a fresh perspective when it comes to replying your consumers. GSC Cinema’s digital team has proven that people do not get offended easily and sometimes find it funny and interactive when you are well, just being you and not some robotic standard off the shelve replies. It came about such a success that people just started “talking back” by poking fun and this is what we call as consumer engagement!

If you are not familiar with what happened, let’s take a short trip back to a few months ago when the whole Covid-19 situation burst and the whole country was made to go on lockdown. Of course, all entertainment centers were closed and everyone had to just stay home to fight the war. When the cases started going down, the local government decided to relax the laws and started opening up slowly different industries by stages. When cinemas were announced that they were able to operate but under strict SOP rules, GSC Cinema took to social media to remind everyone the rules set by the government. Of course, not everyone was happy with some of the rules which requires social distancing but I guess GSC Cinema’s knowing their customer well took on a bit of light humour.

The popular reply by GSC Cinema “Hello. Cannot.” became a tagline when people started asking annoying questions which later on became something netizens just wanted to poke fun at with the hopes of getting the admin’s attention to reply to this tagline. Now I’m not sure which was the exact posting that started this wave but it garnered the attention and was loved by many netizens that it came up with even merchandises with this tagline. You can find out more on Facebook if you search #GSCadmin on more #HelloCannot stories

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