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Step-By-Step Guide to Running a Consumer Contest

by Master Fool

These days when we cover on consumer contests, there are lots of different types of consumer contests to choose from. From digital right up to the traditional consumer contest, all these contests offers different types of objectives of running them. Here, I’m going to cover the step-by-step guide to running a consumer contest. This post is especially for those with little to no idea on how to run a consumer contest hence this step-by-step guide will help you to gain some starter idea of how to get things going.

Before I start to run through the step-by-step guide to running a consumer contest, there are a few points that you need to be aware of. First, the scale of the consumer contest and secondly, the participation rate. Both points may seem to co-relate to each other as after all, the bigger the scale the higher the participation rate right? Well, not exactly. This is because participation rate also needs to take into consideration of the barrier of entry which in the entry here refers so to the entering the contest

So here are the step-by-step guide to running a consumer contest. Do note that these steps do not are not written in any specific process but rather some of these steps may be happening simultaneously

Objectives, objectives, objectives

What is your objective of running a consumer contest? To increase sales? To increase brand awareness?

Coin your contest

Think of a creative name for your contest. This would help you when you are working on the creatives for your contest

Participant Motivation

What motivates you to join a contest? Prizes of course! How much are you willing to spend on the prizes? The bigger the prize, the bigger the scale of your contest. Small scale contest? No problem, give out prizes that you think would entice your consumers to join.

Promotional Costs

How much are you willing to invest to promote the contest? Nobody will know you are running one unless you promote them! Think digitally and in-store. From POSM materials to advertising on social media, you need to set aside an amount to invest in promoting your contest.

Contest mechanics – How to join your contest?

Roughly about 20 years ago, contest submission through contest forms was the only way to join a contest. Now, there are various options available from SMS, text through apps such as WeChat or WhatsApp, online form submission etc etc

Contest mechanics – What to do to win?

Contest mechanics can vary from lucky draw to answering a slogan, draw something or answer a simple question. However, beware. In Malaysia, the law prohibits lucky draw as a form of contest hence you need to check the local regulations if your mechanics are within the legal means.

Draft out your T&C

A standard T&C can now be easily available through a google search. If you need expert advise, you can always hire an agency that has experience in running consumer contests to vet through this for you. Alternatively,if you have the budget, they will be able to advise and manage from A-Z your consumer contest

Deploy your communication materials

Ensure your contest announcements and promotional materials are readily available or announced before the contest begins

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