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Disadvantages of Running a Sampling Activity

by Master Fool

So I’ve previously covered the advantages of running a sampling activity but what are the disadvantages of running a sampling activity? Here are some of the points on the disadvantages or rather why some do not believe in running a sampling activity

Do not meet the Return on Investment (ROI)

Its not cheap to run a sampling activities these days especially when some venues that require space rental charges. Apart from the rental charges to consider, hiring a promoter without going through an agency can cost about RM80-RM120 depending on location and number of working hours. If you are going through an agency the cost would double as the agency has the experience and expertise to secure the location, handle the complications of setting up, delivery of props, hiring and training of promoters etc

Ineffective in conversion of non-consumers

Whilst sampling is a good method in introducing a new product to consumers, however, it does not guarantee your investment will convert non-users to becoming your users. Some consumers may purchase after sampling your product but the conversion rates are usually around 20-30% meaning for every 100 trials, only 20 people would buy.

Only a limited cluster of people can be targeted

Of course, as your budget is limited only a limited cluster of people will be exposed to your sampling. However, if this is a disadvantage, you may want to figure out the best way to do sampling that hits your targeted consumers so your investment can be maximized especially if your product is pretty niche

Waste of product

If you are considering on giving a sample to be later tried at home, your product may mostly likely go to waste as the person may never be using the sample or forgot about the sample that they have received

So those are some of the disadvantages of running a sampling activity. Tell me what are your concerns?

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